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  • Fri, Oct 13
    Hilton Chicago Resort/ Oak Brook, IL
    Oct 13, 7:00 PM – 9:30 PM CDT
    Hilton Chicago Resort/ Oak Brook, IL, 3500 Midwest Rd, Oak Brook, IL 60523, USA
    Oct 13, 7:00 PM – 9:30 PM CDT
    Hilton Chicago Resort/ Oak Brook, IL, 3500 Midwest Rd, Oak Brook, IL 60523, USA
    "When the Righteous Cry!" Psa 34:17

You Can Listen to Prayer Line Recordings 

(click the Prayers & Recording button above) 

or dial 717-908-1011,  Access code 393324# select the last recording#

Evang. Tammie T. Morris

 Founder & President

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Ms. A (from ATL)

Hello everybody. At the beginning of the year, my job ended it ended unexpectedly, and I felt like the rug was pulled or snatched out from underneath me, and I was falling, and I couldn't catch my breath. But thanks be to God for His Holy Spirit, which quickened my spirit, and I called Women Pray the Answer/Men Pray (WPTAMP), requesting prayer agreement for vindication on my behalf and for restoration and restitution of my job. So Evangelists Tammie reached out and prayed with me and sent me a text praising God. That helped me to endure all that I was facing at the time.  

The WPTAMP prayer ministry literally became a lifeline for me.  I was able to persevere and continue to declare God's word over my life and my situation. And yes, God shut that door, but He opened another door. Hallelujah!!!!  And in that new open door, God blessed me with vindication, restoration, restitution, and a different position.  Praise God, and I just really, really thank God for WPTAMP.  It's the real thing - and the real deal. 

I wouldn't have made it if it wasn't for somebody praying with me and agreeing with me in prayer.....  

God bless bye-bye.

Sis A (from IL) 

I thank you for praying for my ex-husband WC. He's out of the hospital his blood sugar has dropped Immensely.  It came down real good, and they let him go home on Friday, and they told him he's got to stop smoking because he has COPD, and they told him that he has to get plenty of rest and drink plenty of water and that's something he was not doing, and he's got to eat. But other than that, he's doing great, and I thank you again for the prayers. 

Evang M.( from CHI)

I want to thank the Lord so much for my daughter, and I was able to drive to and from Michigan to visit some family that we had not seen before the pandemic. We were able to get there safely and make a huge delicious meal on New Year's Day. We had no problems and found everything well.  We really enjoyed the trip immensely. 

God bless you looking forward to even more manifestations.

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