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Pray with Us

Declarations to Possess My Possession

Meditation - Who I Am In God

Prayer for Increase

12 Days of Fasting & Prayer 

"Pour Your Spirit Out On Me Oh Lord"

9/11 - 23/23   6am-6pm


Crowning Scripture: – Joel 2:28-29


Faith Focus:

Day 1  Mon 9/11 Joel 2:12-14 - Pray - Lord, we return to You, pour out on us


Day 2 Tues 9/12- Joel 2:23-24 - Pray for the rain of God to pour out on us


Day 3 Wed 9/13 - Joel 2:25-27 - Pray for the restoration of God to pour out on us


Day 4 Thurs 9/14 - Joel 2:28-28 - Holy Spirit pour dreams & visions on us


Day 5 Fri 9/15 - Isa 44:3 - Pray - pour water on us, we’re thirsty


Day 6 & 7 Sat/Sun 9/16-17 - We praise and worship You Oh Lord!


Day 8 Mon 9/18 - Isa 44:3 - Pray - pour more water, we’re thirsty (repeat)


Day 9 Tues 9/19 -Acts 2:1-4 - Pray - fill us up oh Lord,again & again


Day 10 Wed 9/20 - Acts 11:15-16 - Pray - baptize us w/ Holy-Spirit-power


Day 11 Thurs 9/21 - John 7:38 - Pray- rivers of the Spirit of God flow over us


Day 12 Fri 9/22 - We praise and worship You, oh Lord & testimonies.

Prayer for Health & Wellness 

Dear Lord God,


I come before you with a humble heart. Jesus is my savior, and I approach you in prayer because of Him. I say thank you and praise you for being my God and Father. I love you with all my heart and worship and praise your holy name.


I need your help to eat healthy, exercise, and keep my body and mind strong to live my best life. I admit that I have neglected my body with junk food, processed sugars, and unhealthy beverages – more than good-clean foods. I repent for my behavior, as you have told us that our bodies are your temple. Please forgive me. I also acknowledge that I have allowed life's stress and worries to affect my overall well-being and health.  


Today, I renew my commitment to health and wellness - mind, body, and spirit. I recognize it is more crucial than ever to take care of my body and mind – as a PRIORITY….... not as a secondary activity.  It is also crucial to feed my spirit on the life of your Word daily.  


It has been noted that most people of color, especially African Americans are at a higher risk for heart disease, primarily because of poor healthcare, poor eating regimens, lack of exercise, and high mental stress. I refuse to become another medical statistic.  


Therefore,  I boldly take ownership of my own health and recognize the value of who I am.  My health and wellness are priceless!!!  Jer 29:11 says your plan is good and not evil to bring me to a prosperous outcome, and I come into agreement with your plan of health and wellness for my life.  


Thank you, Lord, for allowing me to regain control of my health with Your help.  In Jesus' name, I believe, I receive, and I say AMEN...... now let the shift begin


Scripture References: Ephesians 2:10, 1 Corinthians 10:31, Psalm 107:9 (ESV), Romans 12:11Corinthians 6:19-20


 Build your faith through the Word of God and

pray bold, effective prayers that bring results. 

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